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Altar Servers

Boys and girls from 4th grade to young adult assist at Masses. First Communion Required.

St. Joseph: Marcella Huttie

St. Daniel: Anna Gomez: 530-633-2288

Altar Society

Provides and maintains the vestments, sacred vessels, and alter linens.

Meets: 1st Friday, 9:30 am in Parish Hall

St. Joseph:

St. Daniel: Barbara McCulloch: 530-633-4772

Eucharistic Ministers
Assist the priest in distributing the true presence of Christ during the sacrifice of the Mass.
St. Joseph: Rosalina Guadarrama : 916-645-2684

St. Daniel: Johanna Lassaga: 530-701-2770

Floral Ministry
Furnishes floral decor for the church.

St. Joseph: Mary Sue Case: 916-253-3925

Proclaim the Word to the assembly during the liturgy.
St. Joseph: Rosalina Guadarrama: 916-645-2684

St. Daniel: Janet Givens 530-633-4365 

Ministers of the Sick
Take the Eucharist to the sick and homebound.

St. Joseph: Joyce Barry: 916-434-8691

St. Daniel: Betty Ditch: 530-633-4637

Music Ministry

Provides musical support for the Mass with voice and instruments.

Adult Choir: 10 am Sunday Mass and Holy Days. Practice Thursdays - 6:00 pm at the Parish Hall.

Men's Choir: 8:00 am 1st Sunday Mass.

St. Joseph: Dorothy Voigt: 916-645-8883 - Music Coordinator

St. Daniel: Rick Givens: 530-633-4365



Assist parishioners at Mass and church functions. 16 years or older welcome.

St. Joseph: Ron Ouimet

St. Daniel: Virgil Ditch: 530-633-4637