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Bible Study Classes

St. Joseph: call the parish office 916-645-2102

Children’s Liturgy of the World
St. Joseph: Rosalina Guadarrama : 916-645-2684
Edge Program (Grades 7-8)
St. Joseph: Rosalina Guadarrama: 916-645-2684
Religious Education CCD (Grades 1-6)

Prepares students for First Communion. Classes: Monday - Wednesday.

St. Joseph: Rosalina Guadarrama : 916-645-2684

St. Daniel: Rick West: 530-633-2996
St. Boniface: Gneal Trevethon: 916-655-3940
Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

For adults who desire to become Catholic.

St. Joseph:

Deacon Juve Vela: 916-396-5242 (Spanish)
Youth Ministry - Life Teen (English or Spanish)
Draws young people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and His church.
St. Joseph: Dianna Noyes: 916-804-8566