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Finance Council
Advises the pastor on financial matters to insure the spiritual needs of the parish are met.

St. Joseph: Bill Windle, Elaine Sanovich, Felipe Gomez, Ed Sorensen

St. Boniface: Ed Sills

St. Daniel: Jim Dawson, Emily Dawson

Pastoral Council
Consists of members from our three church communities.
Advises the pastor on major concerns that affect the life and mission of the parish.
St. Joseph:  Federico Gregorio, Ana Barriga
St. Boniface:  Louis Shalz
St. Daniel: Mark Richardson, Rosa Hernandez

Click here to see photos of our current Pastoral Council members

Liturgy Committee
Promotes active participation of the parish community by fostering an environment of worship, song and prayer for liturgical celebrations.
Dorothy Voigt: 916-645-8883